Cyber Liability Insurance

You’ve heard of data breaches occurring at large national retailers. You may not think a cyber attack could happen at a small business, but it can. Any company that collects personal information about its customers faces the potential that an employee may accidentally or purposely disseminate that data.

If the personal and private information of your customers is exposed, the cost of recovering from a data breach can be daunting. When a cyber attack occurs, businesses must notify their customers, set up credit monitoring, and then face millions of dollars in lawsuits and potential fines.

Cyber liability insurance will cover the expense of recovering from a data breach. It will not only pay for the costs associated with a breach, but it will also provide the resources to respond to a potential cyber attack, eliminating hours of your staff time.

At The Wood Office, we strongly recommend that businesses invest in cyber liability insurance to avoid the massive costs of repairing a data breach. Even if your business has general liability insurance, it would not cover the expense of recovering from a cyber attack.

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