Equipment and Equipment Breakdown Insurance

To close the gap in protection for your business, equipment breakdown insurance should be a key component in your insurance portfolio. We believe equipment breakdown insurance is critical because it covers the unique exposures that your building and property insurance policy may not cover.
If you own a restaurant and an electrical panel causes a power outage, for example, it could shut down your business for several days. While the owner of the building repairs the electrical panel, you will lose income and customers. Equipment breakdown insurance will help pay for that loss of income.
This type of insurance can help pay for:

  • Cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment, from computers to boilers
  • Business income losses when a breakdown causes a business shutdown
  • Replacement of spoiled stock or materials
  • Inspections to maintain the equipment

At The Wood Office, our agents can help your business determine how much equipment insurance to buy and the type of coverage you will need.
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