Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle, you already know that you must carry the same minimums as those required for auto insurance. In New York State, those minimums are $25,000 and $50,000 for liability and $10,000 for property damage. But that is not enough to provide adequate protection.

Your real exposure on a motorcycle is from other riders. If another motorcycle hits you and the owner is either uninsured or underinsured, your medical payments will be limited and you may be responsible for footing the bill.

If you like to take passengers for a ride, you could also be sued if you don’t have guest passenger liability. And if you have expensive custom features on your bike, such as a custom front fairing, you will need additional coverage to protect your investment.

Our agents will customize a motorcycle insurance plan based on your bike and your lifestyle. Whether you want basic motorcycle coverage or additional insurance to protect the special features of your bike, we can help you develop the right package so that you are fully protected.

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