Not-For-Profit Insurance

If you run a nonprofit or social service agency, your organization needs specialized insurance protection that is customized to the challenges you face. Your agency will need professional liability insurance if it offers counseling services and special coverage for your fundraising events.

Not-for-profit insurance includes a specialized package of coverage tailored for the specific needs of your organization. We recommend this type of coverage for religious institutions, educational organizations, day care centers, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, senior citizen services, Hospice programs, among others.

Because these organizations may deal with vulnerable populations, such as at-risk children or adults, we also offer abuse or molestation coverage that is not included as part of a general liability policy. This coverage protects against claims alleging injuries that may occur as a result of any form of abuse.

In the case of an incident at an agency, not-for-profit insurance will pay expenses to restore the organization’s image and to provide workplace counseling. We also provide professional liability insurance to members of boards of directors of your nonprofit organization.

Make sure your organization has the proper insurance coverage to protect itself. Please contact us today at (607)266-3303 to get a free quote on not-for-profit insurance. Or fill out this contact form and we will we get back to you.